Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brain Cells Activator :)

1-5. When can blood be used as a specimen? Identify 5 tests.

6. What is the specimen of choice in testing for Insulin levels?

7 & 8. Give 2 other tests that can be used in testing for Insulin levels.

9 & 10. What are the two preferred collection tubes to be used in testing for Insulin and Glucose tests?

Lets keep those brain cells functioning with this case analysis:

A pregnant woman has been complaining of having a problem when urinating. She consulted the doctor and has been suspected to have UTI. She was sent to the laboratory for some tests. Will blood be used as a specimen of choice in her situation? If yes, explain. If no, what is the specimen to be used?


  1. Wow, brain cells activator? I think I gonna need some activator to keep my brain cells on working...ehehhe!

    Kudos Anjelica and to all CC bloggers.

    Jai Ho from jedi elmot :D

  2. thank you elmot for the support you have given all of us! ;)

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